The Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Club has 150 coaches, trainers, scouts and other employees scattered all over the country and in Puerto Rico. So it was hard to find a benefits plan with a line-up of health care providers that was right for everyone.

Two years ago, the Phillies asked ACH to join their team. We linked them with a national provider network that gives employees access to physicians and hospitals in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Best of all, their HR department can add or delete employees, or check the status of claims for any employee no matter where he or she is located.

"I go to their web site every day. It's very user friendly, very organized. They also have an 800-number hot line, which allows all our people, even those in Florida during spring training, to get help when they need it. And ACH provides numerous networks to choose from."

- JoAnn Marano,
Executive Assistant to CFO and Benefits Administrator,
Philadelphia Phillies

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